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Basic support colour analysis

Enjoy an easy transformation with our Basic Virtual Colour Analysis Package without breaking the bank! With this package, you’ll receive the same high-quality colour analysis process as our other options, but with a lower price tag. You will receive your colour analysis results within 50 business days (note: due to current client volume we have increased the turnaround time for results).

This is the best package for you if:

  • You feel confident in assembling your picture and information submission following the instructions, which include knowing how to check the resolution of a picture
  • You don’t need pictures and descriptions in a report describing how your colour analysis results were arrived at
  • You don’t require post-virtual colour analysis consultation support






*USD pricing may vary depending on US exchange rates; your payment method will be charged in CAD and the financial institution of your payment method will conduct the foreign currency exchange.

Out of stock

Is the service you are looking for out of stock?

Thank you for your interest in our colour analysis services!

There is a maximum number of people Carol can colour analyze in a day and we control how many clients we accept each day through our website.

We open up spaces each business day at 8am ET. These spots are secured on a first come, first serve basis. Please be aware of late our available open spaces sell out soon after opening. Our turnaround time for results remains at 50 business days from the date of your submission. Please do not send pictures unless you have secured one of the open spots as any pictures sent from people who have not paid through the site are automatically deleted. Unfortunately, if you do not secure an open space, we will not have capacity to complete your colour analysis.

What's Included

A lifetime investment in you.

No matter what package you decide to go with, your virtual colour analysis results contain

Photo Analysis

Carol Brailey will perform a colour analysis on your submitted photos to arrive at your skin undertone, primary colour season, and flow of colour season.

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Seasonal Analysis

Using the 16-season system, a thorough colour analysis of your undertone, seasonal colours, and flow analysis will be performed.

Optimal Colours

Discover your optimal colours for clothing, makeup, and accessories.

As part of the digital downloads, you will receive a generic optimal hair colour list for your colour palette, along with a link to our hair colour playlist on YouTube that will include a more detailed view of optimal hair colour ranges for your colour analysis result for you to customize for you.

Digital Downloads

You will receive a personalized Zoom background palette and a digital download of your best palette that is best suited to your skin undertone, primary colour season, and flow of colour season. This helps you select the best colours for your clothing, jewellery, accessories, and makeup.

Handheld Recommendations

Handheld purchase recommendations will be sent to you with your colour analysis results for an optional additional purchase from one of our recommended vendors who's products align foundationally with the colour analysis system we use (16 season system).

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