Photo Requirements

Please review the following guidelines before you send us your photos.

Getting your photos ready

To view a picture and information submission example along with an optional template you may choose to use for your submission, please see the 2 file examples.

Pictures of your current face

  • Make sure you are not wearing any makeup, eyewear, or shadows
  • Taken outside, ideally between 11am and 1pm in natural daylight
  • High-quality, at least 1,000 X 1,000 pixels
  • Wear a white shirt and hold an ice-white piece of printer paper under your chin
  • If you colour your hair, cover it with white fabric
  • If your hair is long, tie it back
  • Ensure there is no difference in colour between multiple face pictures
  • Turn off auto-enhancements and filters on your camera

Pictures of you over time

  • Pictures of you in each decade of your life (e.g. before puberty, post puberty / in your 20’s, and in your 30’s etc.). Only required to include decades that are applicable to your age.
  • It is most optimal that these pictures are in natural daylighting and/or show the breadth of your natural colouring over time – skin characteristics and natural hair colour
  • If no pictures are available, provide a description of your natural hair colour and other colouring characteristics

Pictures of your eyes

  • Clear picture of the lines and curves in your eyes
  • Another clear picture of your eyes from a short distance

Pictures of your natural hair colour

  • Indicate if the hair colour pictured in each photo is your natural hair colour
  • Specify your current natural hair colour, or if unknown, describe your natural hair colour in your 20’s

Supporting colouring

  • Picture of the inside of your forearm in natural daylight, not direct sunlight

Sending your pictures and info over

Please email all the relevant details to

Your colour analysis will be based on the pictures and information you provide when signing up. If you send additional pictures or information later, they may not be used, as Carol may have already completed your analysis with the initial materials.


If you’re using a Gmail account and the picture files are too large to attach to an email, Gmail may upload them to your Google Drive. However, we won’t be able to access them this way. Instead, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a Google Drive folder.
  2. Upload your pictures to this folder.
  3. Set the sharing settings of the folder to ‘Anyone who has the link’:
    • Click the arrow beside the folder name.
    • Select ‘Get Link’.
    • Change ‘Restricted’ to ‘Anyone who has the link’.
  4. Send us the link to the folder in your email.

We also accept ZIP files or Dropbox submissions.

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