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Whatever your image needs are, we’ve got a service that can help you find your unique sparkle.

Virtual Colour Analysis

Discover the colours that make you shine, from the comfort of your own home.

Our colour analysis expert, Carol Brailey will help you decode your colour story and find the colours that bring out your inner glow!

We offer two virtual colour analysis packages to accommodate different client needs:

  • Basic Virtual Colour Analysis Package
  • Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis Package

In Person Colour Analysis

Discover your colour harmony with our In-Person Colour Analysis exclusively available in Toronto, Ontario.

Led by Elysse Acosta at Studio Fontana, this experience will help you unlock your true style potential and refine your personal image.

Elysse Acosta is trained personally by Carol Brailey and has received education from the prestigious International Image Institute. She will guide you through a comprehensive analysis that takes into account your individual characteristics. With her expertise in colour analysis, hair, and makeup, she approaches your transformation with a holistic perspective.


My recommended training programs & assessments

Colour Analysis Mastery Training

If you are thinking about becoming a colour analysis professional, we highly recommend completing the Colour Analysis Mastery in-person training program.

This comprehensive training program offered by the International Image Institute is designed to help you master colour analysis. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills and gain confidence in analyzing undertone, season, flow, and dimension.

Enjoy privileged access to invaluable resources, such as lifetime training access, comprehensive guides, and discounted colour kits.

Style & Wardrobe Assessment

Need professional help on how to style yourself better? Check out this virtual Style and Wardrobe program by Karen Brunger and her team, designed to elevate your personal style and revolutionize your wardrobe.

Get personalized body assessments, discover your best styles, learn about wardrobe strategies, and receive personal image recommendations plus a curated guidebook. 

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