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The Complete Guide to Colour Analysis (E-book​)

Discover the ultimate resource for mastering the art of colour analysis with The Complete Guide to Colour Analysis. Whether you’re a seasoned image consultant or a passionate enthusiast, this 95-page book offers a wealth of comprehensive knowledge and expertise, all in one place.

Covers essential topics like:

Find Your Signature Style (Personal Assessment Guide)

Find your signature style with this 62-page digital download and assessments in PDF format. This guide will help you explore your signature style and determine your Yin, Yang, or balanced characteristics, ultimately mapping you to 1 or 2 of these signature styles defined by the International Image Institute: Dramatic, Aristocratic, Natural, Classic, Creative or Romantic.

Includes five assessment charts:

brown coat hanging beside the crossbody bag

Find your sparkle today!

Universal Digital Colour Reference

Perfect for: 1) selecting colours for a group (e.g. uniforms, wedding parties etc.) or 2) those who have not been colour analyzed who may not know their best colours who may want to start wearing colours on their way to their best colours.  Includes 35 colours of fully neutral undertone, medium value and medium intensity plus text descriptions.

10 Digital Colour Analysis Palettes with Descriptions

Included are: Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn, Cool, Warm, Deep, Light, Bright, Muted. This download is 1 PDF file that contains each colour analysis palette strip with 35 colours, and includes detailed text information about each palette.

Detailed Digital Colour Analysis References for Each Palette

Already know your colour analysis results? Download the same digital colour analysis reference our virtual colour analysis clients receive, includes detailed text information about the palette; includes colour strips, colour squares and zoom background palette.

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