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Before you reach out for an inquiry, see our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received.

Please submit the contact form on our website or email us directly at We typically respond within 2 business days. Note that Carol does not participate in events offering mini-colour analyses due to the potential for incorrect advice.

For further clarity on the virtual vs. in-person colour analysis debate, we invite you to review our social media channels and educational videos.

No, correct colour analysis results remain consistent throughout your lifetime, regardless of external factors such as tanning, health conditions, or hair colour changes.

No, colour analysis evaluates underlying colouring, so temporary conditions like tanning or burns do not affect the results.

No, the colour analysis process accounts for conditions like redness or rosacea.

Yes, our submission instructions accommodate various scenarios, including providing a detailed description of your natural hair colour or other relevant characteristics.

Our virtual colour analysis service is available on this page. For details and booking information, visit our virtual colour analysis services page. Please review the package details before contacting us.

No, a full colour analysis process is necessary to determine undertone, season, and flow of season. Therefore, we do not offer a package that skips any steps in the process.

All package details are available on our website. The differences lie in the level of support and experience offered, but the analysis process remains consistent across packages.

Unfortunately, we typically only respond to client emails, potential client inquiries, and media/event requests. Other emails are typically not read.

Our colour analysis services are only for people age 17 and over. For more details on the payment and submission requirements for below age 18, please see the Terms and Conditions in the footer on our site.

Spots are opened up each business day on this site (Monday to Friday). We email everyone on the waitlist before these spots are open on our site indicating the time we will be opening up spots that day (time rotates each day). The spots on our site are secured on a first come, first serve basis (they typically sell out in minutes, sometimes less than a minute once they are open of late).
There are 2 options that we can accommodate for you and which one you choose would depend on your level of comfort. We have had several upon several women who wear a hijab sign up for our service and treat your important needs with extreme care, we assure you.
Below are the 2 options:

1.Wear a white hijab and follow our picture instructions which indicate information to describe in lieu of having pictures (for historical pictures and natural hair colour)

2.Submit pictures following our picture instructions and indicate in the subject line and body of the email of your submission email to us that no male should view the submission and we will ensure that this is the case. We have special handling indicators in our system that will ensure that no male will review submissions.
We assure you we handle requests of this nature very seriously.

Our pricing on our site and at checkout is in CAD. Your payment method will be charged in CAD and the financial institution of your payment method will conduct a foreign currency exchange that will ultimately be the amount you will be charged.

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Please note: we only read and respond to client, potential client and media inquiry emails.

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