Find your perfect colour palette!

Carol Brailey

I'm an image consultant and colour analysis expert, inspiring you to add your sparkle.

Find your perfect colour palette!

Carol Brailey

I'm an image consultant and colour analysis expert, inspiring you to add your sparkle.

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Colour Analysis Services

What is colour analysis?

Colour analysis is a detailed process based on science, logic and objectivity that identifies your optimal colours for your hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories, so you can always look your best.

When you are wearing your correct colour analysis results, your eyes will have added sparkle and your look will be vibrant and energized. People will notice an increase in your personal power and presence.

red and white flower on green towel
a stack of bright colored cloths on a white surface
the transformation

One colour shift is all it takes!

“I am so happy I got colour analyzed by you! I got mis-typed previously by someone as a Soft Summer. I felt something was off. I was lost with my garments that were in the Soft palette and felt drained starting my days with the outfits I pulled together.

I am so into the Cool Summer palette. I feel gorgeous in the blueish undertone makeup and enjoy wearing and purchasing colourful clothes within this palette. I bought my first Cool Summer red dress online with success, never found a red that worked for me (see pic!).

Shopping online is faster and easier; I simply filter on colours I know will work and quickly scroll through.

THANK YOU for giving me my radiance and time back, and you truly have a gift!” 

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My Services

Virtual Colour Analysis
In-Person Colour Analysis
Understanding colour analysis

Why should you find your colours?

”You could be wearing the best-styled outfit or have the best hair style on this planet, but, if the colour or colours are making you look washed out, dull and perhaps older – it’s really not the most optimal look for you.” – Carol Brailey 

Look more energized

Wearing the right colours can make you look more youthful and energized!

Shop with ease

Shopping will no longer be a guessing game. You will know exactly which colours to focus on.

Ready in minutes

Mix and match your wardrobe items according to your personalized results to save time and money.

Wear your confidence

Who doesn't like being showered with compliments while looking their best in colours that work for them?

Stand out online

By discovering the colours that bring out your best features, you can instantly elevate your online presence.

Perfect hair days

Find the optimal shade and colour for your hair to bring out your best features.


Join thousands who've found their colours.

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