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Please Read Below Before Sending Us An Email

We recommend checking our Common Email Responses before emailing us as they address many inquiries we receive including where to find colour analysis training information, where and how to find a colour analysis professional in your geographic area etc. Our general email policy is that we only read and respond to client, potential client and event/media appearance emails.

If you send us an email and do not hear back from us within 2 business days, it means we have assessed your email and determined either the information below and/or our Common Email Responses address your query.



Email: info@carolbrailey.com

New In-Person Client or Potential New In-Person Client?
Please see details for our service offerings in both Toronto and Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada at this link.

Looking For Carol’s Virtual Colour Analysis Advice on Your Best Hair, Makeup, Clothing and Accessory Colours?
We offer a virtual colour analysis service through virtualcoloranalysis.com. Please visit this link for all of our virtual colour analysis service details along with booking information for each. If you enroll in one of our virtual colour analysis services, you can expect an email from us within 2 business days confirming your booking along with confirming receipt of your pictures and information.

Looking for Handheld Product Support or Have Training Inquiries for the International Image Institute?
All links to physical colour analysis products on our site are products designed by, made by and distributed by the International Image Institute. Carol Brailey does not own or work for the International Image Institute, she merely uses their products and highly recommends them. She also highly recommends their accredited training programs for Image Consulting and Colour Analysis. If you have any product, shipping or training questions for the International Image Institute, please email product@imageinstitute.com.

Looking for Download Product Support?
We recommend reading through the product details on our Products page at this link and the terms, conditions, technical updates and other info. If your query is not addressed through the information at these links (i.e. you are encountering a technical issue not addressed at the above links), please send us an email and we will respond within one business day.

Not a Client or Not a New Potential Client or Not Looking for Carol to participate in an Event/Media Appearance?

Please see our Blog and Videos pages for our complimentary colour analysis resources. We do not accept unsolicited pictures or information from non-clients. Please do not send emails of this nature as your email will not be read and will be deleted.