- Potential In-Person Colour Analysis Pilot During the Pandemic in Toronto, Canada OR Stratford, Canada | Carol Brailey Image Consulting, Toronto Canada

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Potential In-Person Colour Analysis Pilot During the Pandemic in Toronto, Canada OR Stratford, Canada

For those where the pilot service below is not a fit, a great alternative to our in-person services are our virtual colour analysis services as detailed on virtualcoloranalysis.com.

NEW! Potential In-Person Colour Analysis Pilot During the Pandemic in Toronto, Canada OR Stratford, Canada – Are You Interested?

Carol Brailey’s In-Person Colour Analysis Services have been suspended since March 2020 due to the pandemic. Beyond safety being a factor in the suspension, it is also impossible to perform in-person colour analysis on someone who is wearing a face mask as you cannot see reactions of different colours on their jawline and cheek area.

We are currently investigating whether there may be interest in a service that includes the following elements below in the Toronto, Canada OR the Stratford, Canada area. Please email info@carolbrailey.com to get on our “interested” list to be contacted if there is enough interest in such a service; please include your full name and your email address and whether Toronto or Stratford works for you when you email us.

***Please read the details below fully before emailing us your interest including expected total cost to you being in the $500 to $600 CAD plus HST price range to account for our costs for such a unique service.***

Pilot in-person colour analysis service elements would include:
– In-person pilot service would likely be offered only on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday on a periodic basis and each appointment would be 1 to 1.5 hours in length per person
– Well before your appointment you would send us the pictures detailed in Step #3 of our Full Live Virtual Colour Analysis service
– Based on your picture submission we would email you back with a detailed list of drapes to purchase from the International Image Institute and have shipped to you before your in-person colour analysis appointment (depending on your colouring, the number of drapes to purchase will vary by person / drape purchase may cost you approximately $60 to $100 plus HST). These would be fully yours to keep and there would be no refunds offered on purchases.
– You would arrive to your in-person colour analysis appointment with your purchased drapes in hand, no makeup on, your hair covered with an ice white piece of fabric (if it has naturally gone grey or is coloured) and either wearing an ice white top or draped in an ice white cape (click here for cape and hair covering purchase option from the International Image Institute)
– Your in-person colour analysis would be conducted outside in a location in Toronto, Canada or Stratford, Canada; we are looking at backyard options
– You would be seated for your appointment behind a clear barrier with a mirror on the other side of the barrier. Carol would be at the recommended safety distance from you and your barrier wearing a double face mask.
– During your appointment Carol will instruct you on what fabrics to drape on yourself following the steps of colour analysis and assess your colouring as you perform your self draping. Once your colour palette is confirmed, Carol will discuss your best hair, makeup, clothing and accessory colours with you and you will leave your appointment with a fabric swatch wallet and a colour strip to take with you shopping to use as a reference (cost included in appointment fee).
– At no time would Carol come close to you (closer than the safety distance recommended by local health authoritities) and at no time would it be acceptable for you to break this safety distance
– The approximate fee that would be charged to you for such a session would be in the $500 plus HST range (this would be in addition to your fabric purchases above). This amount would be required to be paid upfront to secure your spot. This cost includes an estimate for recovery of our costs for such a unique service e.g. upfront review costs, location costs and other costs associated with COVID health and safety needs. There would be no refunds or re-bookings offered once booked (unless there is a health and safety reason for a need to re-book OR you need to be re-scheduled due to an outside weather event e.g. rain). Also note that it would be at Carol’s sole discretion during your appointment to immediately stop your appointment if she feels health and safety protocols are not being followed and you will not be offered a refund.