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Our Image Team

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Joshua Zuchter
Business and Empowerment Life Coach

Joshua Zuchter is internationally renowned for his transformational work coaching executives, individuals and business owners. Along with his knowledge and expertise he inspires and helps his clients through transitions, challenges, and to success and higher levels at work, in personal relationships and romance, and with health. My other favourite aspect about Joshua is that he genuinely cares about his clients.


Francesco Fontana of Studio Fontana
Hair Stylist

Francesco Fontana is our favourite award-winning hair stylist and was one of the stars on Style by Jury (featured in over 50 episodes). Francesco’s hair styling and hair colouring team are superb at implementing your colour analysis and style recommendations into your hair.


Tatiana Leus
Makeup Expert

Tatiana Leus specializes in teaching women how to expertly apply their own makeup. She makes sure her clients learn what products and application techniques are best for their skin, colouring (based on their colour analysis results), face shape, personality, and life style. Tatiana is also a skin care expert, so she makes suggestions on how you can make sure your skin always looks its best. Tatiana has an extensive experience working in the Cosmetics and Fashion Industry.