- International Image Consultant Day 2014 – Colour Analysis Special in Toronto | Carol Brailey Image Consulting, Toronto Canada

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free colour analysis mobile app link

free colour analysis mobile app link

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International Image Consultant Day 2014 – Colour Analysis Special in Toronto

colouranalysisflagsThe colours you choose to wear in your outfits, hair and makeup are the most important elements you can choose for your image. The colour palette that is right for you is based on your internal composition and therefore once you know YOUR colour palette, this will be your palette for life.

International Image Consultant Day 2014 is happening in November! To celebrate this annual event, Carol Brailey Image Consulting is offering discounted 50 minute colour analysis consultations on November 30, 2014 between 10am and 4pm EST.

After your 50 minute colour analysis consultation with Carol, you will know:

– Your best colour choices for clothing so that you give off your most confident, healthy, vibrant, young and balanced energy.

– Whether your skin undertone is cool, warm or neutral. This is key information required when identifying hair colour and makeup options that work best.

– Your most optimal hair colour(s). Carol will have hair colour swatches on hand for participants to try on.

– Whether gold or silver jewellery is best for you.

– Your most optimal makeup colours.

A colour analysis consultation is for individuals who are interested in finding out how to give off their best energy through their colour choices. Each session is very profound and results are always profound when implemented. Once you know your colour palette, shopping is so much more easy and efficient. Plus colours in a colour palette typically go together. This means once you begin to stock your closet up with items in your colour palette, you will find you easily have several mix and match pieces.

All consultations will take place at Studio Fontana which is located at 26 Bellair Street in the Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto (right by Bay Subway Station).

There are only 6 spaces available.


$125 plus HST if registered after November 20, 2014 and before November 30, 2014

Note: Once you know your colour palette, you may choose to purchase a colour swatch wallet that contains your most optimal colours at an additional cost of $45 plus HST.

Please email info@carolbrailey.com to book your consultation. In your email, please indicate a preferred time range for your appointment on November 30, 2014. We will try our best to fit you into your preferred time. Once your appointment time is confirmed with you, we will send you an invoice for payment. All payments are requested to be made prior to the above cutoff dates to receive the corresponding discount.

All consultation times will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Because the number of appointments are limited, there are no refunds. However, if you cannot make it you can choose to transfer the appointment to someone else (please just let us know prior to your appointment so we know who to expect.)

I look forward to seeing you on November 30, 2014!