- Informational Interview and Post-Consultation Colour & Style Coaching | Carol Brailey Image Consulting, Toronto Canada
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Informational Interview and Post-Consultation Colour & Style Coaching

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We consistently receive several requests for informational interviews with Carol, requests for additional post-consultation colour & style coaching from clients who have had a colour analysis and style consultation with Carol (e.g. questions on post-consultation purchases, did my hairstylist get my hair colour ‘right’ etc.).

During an information interview you can receive mentoring if you are looking to start a career in image consulting and/or colour analysis OR receive additional post-consultation coaching (in the event our Personal Shopping Service is not applicable to your additional queries or if you live outside of Toronto, Canada.)


Informational Interview by Skype Call ($100/half hour CAD plus HST if applicable, half hour minimum)

A half hour Skype interview with Carol includes a discussion on whatever topics you would like with regards to embarking on a career in image consulting and/or colour analysis OR reviewing your post-consultation queries to receive additional colour and style coaching from Carol.

Please note: Due to lighting, screen and camera colour variations, Carol does not review post-consultation hair, makeup, clothing or accessory colour purchases over Skype or email.

– It is strongly recommended you arrive to the Skype call with questions and/or what you would like to get out of the session identified.

– To book: 1) Send us payment through PayPal through the link below (select drop down for one hour option) and 2) Visit our Online Booking Page to book your Informational Interview Skype Call online. Note: if you have paid for a one hour session, we will update the length of your Skype Call booking to one hour within one business day (this is our workaround for a limitation on our online booking system).

If you are a Patron of our DIY Colour Analysis Page and are looking to use this service for DIY Colour Analysis support — if you have not received a consultation from Carol through the Full Access Plus Tier, this service is not applicable to you. Please view our online colour analysis services or become a member of the Full Access Plus Tier on the page.

Informational Interview