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Great experience, great energy! Carol is an absolute pleasure to work with!
“It was amazing working with Carol. I learned so much! Carol’s image consulting services offer amazing value. The sales people at stores don’t have the expertise to teach me the kinds of things she did. In my opinion, worth every penny!

When shopping with Carol, I most valued the fact that she told me not to get anything I wasn’t 100% comfortable with and she gave me so much advice on things I pointed out. Her explanations made sense. As a result of working with Carol, I am now going to pay more attention to my appearance and really think about what I am buying and whether it suits me.”

~ Parm D. – Business Owner and Optometrist

Exceeded My Expectations!
“I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for an Image Consultant. All four phases of the consultations were very useful in helping me learn how to buy clothes, accessories and footwear. Excellent value! I am now a much more efficient shopper.

Initially, I could not imagine giving up wearing black and white, but now that I’ve experimented as per your suggestions, I can’t imagine going back! I went shopping recently at the Eaton Centre for six hours. Typically I run out of the mall frustrated after two hours. This time I wasn’t frustrated. I was excited about finding clothes that are flattering by following the processes and tools you taught me. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance.”

~ Danielle M. – Social Worker

I appreciated Carol’s honesty.
“My style consultation with Carol was a 10 out of 10! All of my style questions have now been answered. I will now shop differently, meaning I will buy things that are made for my body that I love. I won’t talk myself into anything anymore just because I like the pattern or the style on the hanger. It was lovely to meet you and to share this experience with you! You made me feel comfortable and I really appreciated your honesty with helping me look my best and feel good with my style. I really like the personality style assessment too – helps make everything make sense”

Click here to read an article written by Tara about her style consultation experience with Carol — published in Fusia Magazine.

~ Tara M. – Professional in Media Industry

My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago…
“My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago, however it’s done now so we won’t worry about the “should haves”.
This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself….. It’s up there with losing weight and getting in shape!!!
You are definitely an expert in your subject matter which is not just colours but an overall passion for bringing out the best in people and putting them on the path to getting the most out of what’s been given naturally. I very much look forward to working with you in future (for shopping)!”

~ Jeannie M. – Manager

It was fantastic!
“Carol was great to work with – the whole colour analysis session was very comfortable and fun – the time just flew by! It was very interesting to talk about colour theory and how this applies to the colours that we wear. Based on our session, I can see how having the wrong colours in your closet can definitely be part of the problem if you ever feel like you have “so many clothes…but nothing to wear”.

I have already started going through my closet to see which items match my colour wallet. I am definitely going to stop buying colours that are too bright, too cool, or too muted and focus on the ones in my wallet since they look the best.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to dress in the right colours so that they can look their best. You never really know what those colours are until you go and get analysed professionally. Thank you Carol!”

~ Emily P. – Trainer in Healthcare Industry

The consultation was very interesting and exceeded my expectations!
“The colour and style consultation was very interesting and will be of immense value in the future as I assemble a professional wardrobe. Carol was very thoughtful and worked really hard to understand my needs and lifestyle. She didn’t take a textbook approach to my needs, and was a wonderful collaborator. The consultation exceeded my expectations. Carol answered all my questions and helped me understand the basics of style. She also gave me lots of ideas to think about.

I liked Carol’s casual and friendly approach. She also didn’t waste any time and wanted to work with me to see how I could look my best. I was afraid she’d look at me and prescribe specific ways to dress, but she took my likes and dislikes into account and really helped me.

I’ve got my wallet of colours and plan on carrying it with me everywhere. I’ll be sure to pay more attention to colours in coshing purchases and use the services of a a great tailor in the future. Thank you Carol – I had a wonderful time and look forward to reading more of your blog postings in The Huffington Post!”

~ Dominic A. – Writer and Photographer

My colour analysis and style consultation were great!
“Carol took the time to learn about me, my lifestyle and provided me with new options to refine my style, while staying true to my creative bent. The colour analysis was amazing – I love my colours! Carol worked with me to discover how my colour palette enhanced my skin and eye colour. I bought a few new makeup items and the difference that the right colours make in my appearance is incredible – especially my eyes, which are fairly deep set and on the smaller side – they now have an intensity and snap that was missing with colours that are not in my palette. Even with the few changes that I have made, I’m feeling years younger.”

~ Nancy B. – Specialist in Health Care Industry

Very valuable experience!
“My colour analysis and style consultation with Carol went beyond my expectations. It was a very valuable experience – I pretty much only wear my palette outside of the house now. I am also starting to put my face out there much more in my business. I think this is something I was resisting doing because I knew my look wasn’t totally authentic. This new chapter of my business is a result of my work with Carol! Thank you for the wonderful experience! “

~ Laurie-Anne K. – Entrepreneur and Coach

An empowering consultation!
“My colour analysis consultation with Carol went beyond my expectations. Carol is a patient, experienced and caring guide. I went shopping yesterday and forced myself to look at colours I would normally not even see or discount immediately – the colour consultation gave me a sense of permission to play and not take fashion so gosh darn seriously. Very confidence boosting and empowering. Thank you Carol — you’re wonderful!”

~ Mirror L. – Digital Entrepreneur and Social Media Coach

Very high value experience.
“This experience was a 10 out of 10! I thought the service would be better suited to young professionals but it was extremely helpful for me as a retired senior. I really liked finding out I was wrong about the colours and shades of colours that were the most flattering for me. I was making choices based on old assumptions. Recently I felt confident doing a major closet clean-out that was long overdue and have been shopping more discriminately for clothes and accessories, including jewellery. I plan to carry the colour wallet with me when I shop, incorporate more accessories like scarves and the right colour of jewellery into my wardrobe and continue to get rid of items I have in my closet that no longer work for me. It was a very fun and informative experience.”

~ Lynne O. – Retired

Very high value. The whole experience was easy, relaxing, informative, & fun!
“My colour analysis consultation with Carol exceeded my expectations. More than anything, I wanted the consultation to be a step towards becoming more visible in the world and stepping into middle age without thinking ‘oh well’. Before the consultation, I felt like I was disappearing, washed out, old and tired looking. Starting a new business was also a big motivator – how can I present my most natural and professional self? Knowing and wearing my best colours has definitely filled in many of these gaps.

I found the whole experience easy, relaxing, informative and fun, and that’s in large part because of Carol’s friendly professionalism, comfort level and obvious expertise. I have already started shopping with my colour palette in mind and so our consultation has already changed the way I shop. Consulting my colour wallet makes it so much easier, especially since I can immediately bypass all the colours I would’ve tried before. It simplifies the process for me, which is exactly what I want. Even adjusting my makeup to my colour palette has helped. Dying my hair back to medium auburn also ties it all together, so it was good to have the hair colour mini-consult as well.”

~ Heather M. – Entrepreneur

Tremendous value, beyond expectations.
“I so appreciated Carol’s professionalism and enthusiasm in my colour analysis appointment today. I went shopping for a dress immediately after my session and it was wonderful to have my colour palette with me! I was able to be more discrimating when browsing through the stores and I know that I can make wiser and more complimentary purchases in the future. I had ‘my colours done’ years ago, but today I discovered for the first time what my true ‘season’ is! I wish I had known all these past years! Thanks so much Carol!”

~ Joy V. – Wife and Mother with Very Busy Life

A valuable experience and worth the time and money.
“I appreciated Carol’s enthusiasm and desire to really get at the right palette during my colour analysis consultation. Being draped really made a difference because seeing is believing. Once I saw the difference between right and wrong colours for me I was convinced that it really does make a difference.

This is going to be super helpful when I shop for clothes! No more confusion as to what colours to get. I like that in time my wardrobe will all fit together, as opposed to having disjointed pieces. This consultation will also affect my hair colour choice. For the past few years I have been dyeing my hair the wrong colours and getting really frustrated about my hair. Again this session has clarified what I need to do there. The session is also helpful as I will be getting married in the near future and now I have a better idea as to what to look for in a wedding dress and accessories.

Carol knows her stuff! She is a fun and positive person to work with, I learned a lot from the session and will be able to use this info for years to come.”

~ Marilena S. – Teacher

Excellent, exceeded my expectations. Very professional approach.
“I feel cheerful about me and look forward to a positive change after my colour analysis consultation. I appreciated the location on the subway line. I look forward to using the right makeup colours for me and buying the right clothes to make my eyes sparkle! I highly recommend every woman go through this process…it may explain why things just aren’t clicking about yourself! There’s nothing wrong with making yourself look brighter and ‘cheerful’ by selecting the correct clothing colours and makeup… even without makeup it makes a difference when you’re wearing your right colour palette.”

~ Mary P. – Administration Professional

Very valuable. It was a great investment.
“This service went beyond my expectations! The money I spent on the consultation will be saved by no longer wasting money on clothes in the wrong colours or dying my hair the wrong shade. I loved going through all the drapes in my seasonal colours at the end of the session. There’s a version of every colour that works for me, and it was so exciting to see my best red, blue, green, and yellow!”

~ Danielle S. – Manager in Pharmaceutical Industry

Life Changing
“Wearing my new clothes has increased my confidence level. Now when I go into the store I know what I need to do so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. If I follow these steps that you have shown me my shopping experience will be a positive one and I will choose clothes that look good on me. I have received so many compliments about my outfits and how I look. I no longer hear “you look tired today.” 🙂 Thank you so much Carol for all your help!!!! This process has been life changing.”
~ Helen K. – Teacher

Carol’s Great!
Click here to link to a review of a colour analysis experience with Carol Brailey posted on Reddit.

What a Feeling, Amazing!
“Dear Carol, thank you so much for my analysis. I absorbed what you said and I cleaned 7 garbage bags of my clothes from my Rubbermaid bins and closets! What a feeling, amazing! In the past 2 days since our consultation, I have had people tell me out of the blue that I looked great in the colours I was wearing!

I am looking forward to buying special items of clothing for my new looks. Thank you for uncomplicating my life! I love knowing my best colours!”
~ Dawn H. – Wife, Mother and Busy Life

Very High Value!
” I was open to whatever Carol had to say and wasn’t disappointed. She is the expert but made sure to include my voice in the consultation. I didn’t expect as much time and attention as I was given. I liked the privacy with no distractions. I felt like I had Carol’s total attention. She’s very thoughtful and supportive. I felt very comfortable stripped of makeup, swathed in white and looking not at my best :-). I’m going to change my hair colour. Through Carol I can see how wrong the current colour is. I’ve been culling my wardrobe but now am certain about what has to go. Finally, I feel more confident about what to look for in future purchases.

I’d grown tired of making wardrobe, hair colour and makeup mistakes. Whatever I spent on a personal consultation with Carol will easily be made up with the future savings I make on all these things.”
~ Sharon M. – Retired Teacher

Better than my expectations!
“I just wanted to say how amazing the consultation was and the more time passes the more I’m loving wearing my best colours and knowing what they are. The consultation was very professional and I loved how Carol took the time for me to see which colours looked better. It wasn’t a session where Carol was telling me what looked better, we both discovered together which colours looked better on me. I bought the wrong jewellery my whole life (gold), now I need to start a new jewellery collection with my colours (silver). Also I will never dye my hair reddish again but stick with my cool, dark winter colours.

I don’t need to think twice about what colour to choose when I go shopping which saves time, nerves and money. Thank you Carol Brailey :)”
~ Carrie G. – Musician

Very Educational Experience!
“This was a very educational experience. It was such a pleasure to go through the consultation with Carol. She put me at ease with the process and was patient with all the questions that arose through the consult.

Carol is very personable, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed spending time with her and it was such a great process to understand what will work best for me in choices of wardrobe and accessories. I would highly recommend it, as it is for life and why not make educated choices about what would look best for you when it comes to spending your money on fashion.”
~ Wendy F. – Director of Sales

Beyond My Expectations
“The value from the experience went beyond my expectations. Carol’s honest feedback was very helpful to me. The process was a different experience than I expected as I hadn’t expected to go as “deep” regarding my true self. I feel harmonious with the colours and clothes chosen. I liked being given insights and specific tools that help me feel more in tune with what works for me style-wise and how to shop. Shopping was an anxious and frustrating experience before. I feel wiser and more prepared now. You taught me how to shop!!!:)”
~ Erica – Management Level for National Association in Canada

Fun Experience
“It was a fun experience. I always struggled not knowing what colours actually worked for me. Now I know. It’ll make shopping actually enjoyable. Working through the colours through a process of elimination helped me to see what colours “didn’t” work as well as “worked”. Carol – thank you for taking the time to work with me and share your knowledge of colours and image. You have a wonderful ease about you – you have a generous and creative soul and it reflects in the work that you do.”
~ Amy G. – Entrepreneur

Amazing Shopping
“Carol provided me with a fascinating colour analysis session which guided me to know which colours work best for me. We also completed a style consult which gave me great insight on what I should be wearing to showcase my best self given my lifestyle and personality needs. Then we went on an amazing shopping experience that really opened my eyes and made me love shopping for myself (which I absolutely dreaded before this experience). I am so much more confident now!
Thanks again Carol for providing me with this amazing experience!”
~ Vicky T. – Hairstylist

It Was Exciting!
“The consultation was valuable! I learned my strongest colors and style, the pace was comfortable and it was exciting! Carol’s advice immediately impacted my shopping decisions”.
~ Registered Massage Therapist _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Clearly an Expert
“Carol provided an amazing colour analysis. She was clearly an expert. My new knowledge has changed how I approach every day!”
~ Cindy F. – Director in Health Care Services industry

A Delight!
“My colour analysis was a delight! Carol did her analysis with focus and enthusiasm, and took the time to discuss with me so I could better understand her assessment / recommendation. She answered my questions clearly and created an excitement in me. I recommend getting a colour swatch wallet from her for your purse!”
~ Angela M. – Director in Media Sales industry

Eye Opening Experience!
“My colour analysis session with Carol was truly an eye opening experience. She guided me through the process so I really understood and saw why some colour choices were better than others for me. I never leave home now for a shopping trip without my personnel colour swatch wallet! The experience has truly changed the way I approach clothing purchases and choices on a daily basis.”
~ Chris A. – Managing Director in Financial Services industry

“Was a fascinating experience. So happy to know how to better select clothing for maximum Michelleness. ”
~ Michelle S. – Artist


Virtual Colour Analysis Testimonials

Found A Great Colour Analyst
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A Handwritten Postcard…
Click here to view a lovely Thank You note Carol received.


Thank You For Rocking My World In a New Way!…

It has been an adjustment for me to begin thinking Autumn when I had Winter on the brain for 20 plus years. It is fun to be trying colors I never thought I could wear at all, and actually liking them on me! Thank you for rocking my world in a new way!
~ Jill M., Hawaii, United States of America – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis)


I’m So Excited!…

I’m so excited by your analysis of Warm Spring for me. These are colors I loved and wore when my hair was more strawberry blonde. It’s no wonder I have been feeling off and “gray” lately. I am going to treat myself to some beautiful warm highlights and be “born again” with my warm palette. Thank you so much!
~ Bonnie M., Woodstock, IL., United States of America – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis)


Thank You for Clarifying!
Thank you for clarifying this for me! I was confused for some time thinking I might be a Deep Winter or even a deep autumn. I knew I looked poorly in tan, camel brown, and yellow greens. I just needed secondary confirmation from an expert source and it sure is a relief given my closets are full of true winter colors. Thank you for the color analysis and thank you for introducing me to the fascinating field of iridology! I’ll look forward to your future videos.
~ Sean S. – Louisiana, United States of America – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis)


Thank You Kindly!
Thank you for doing my color analysis it was really fun and I am enjoying reading your report and using your APP to guide me with color selection. Thank you kindly!
~ Simone C. – Australia – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis with Skype)


I Really Appreciate Your Help…
Thank you SO much! I really appreciate your help. It is hard for me to be objective about my own colouring so it gets confusing to figure out what type of colours really are my best. I love the warm spring colours but I have not worn them very much so I am very excited to experiment with them and finally have harmony between my makeup/outfits and my natural colouring!
Thank you!
~ Melissa C. – New York, United States of America – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis with Skype)


Thank You!
Just a note to say I enjoyed our conversation on Skype. I feel you are very knowledgeable and have set me on the right path. Looking forward to where my new insights lead me. Thank you!
~ Ann M. – Ohio, United States of America – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis with Skype)


I Was Very Excited! It Was Great!
“The process was friendly and professional. I liked that I was given a report and recommendations based on my analysis. Carol was very thorough in explaining the “how and why” she came to the conclusion she did. She was cognizant of the buy in process instead of just prescribing her recommendations. I really liked that she took the time to make sure my questions were answered and that she was genuinely engaged and concerned that I was satisfied.”
~ Karen M. – Alberta, Canada – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis with Skype)


Thanks so much!
“Thanks so much for the analysis. I actually teared up a little … Makes me think you nailed it. Thanks!!”
~ Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Full Virtual Colour Analysis Package)


“Thank you very much! I am really pleased with the results. I will recommend you! A big hug from Mexico.”
~ Monica A. – Mexico – Virtual Colour Analysis Client (Full Virtual Colour Analysis Package)