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Wardrobe Plan and Audit

Please note: Carol no longer generally offers this service. If you are interested in this service, please complete the form on the Contact Page and we will get back to you within one business day.

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Recommended before going on the shopping experience, a wardrobe planning and audit session will help to clear out items that either no longer suit you or never did in the first place!

Love everything that’s in your wardrobe and stop debating about clothing that doesn’t suit your colour or style or personality!

After our wardrobe plan and audit, your closet will only contain clothing that showcases the best and authentic you.

Our Wardrobe Plan and Audit service includes the following:

  • Determining what your wardrobe needs are in light of your colour and style assessments.

  • Auditing your current wardrobe and identifying keepers, alteration candidates.

  • Identifying wardrobe gaps to fill-in based on your lifestyle and budget.

This service is usually completed following a colour analysis and style consultation (once we know your colour and style requirements) and therefore it may be best to purchase this service as part of one of our packages detailed at this link.

Note: The Wardrobe Plan and Audit service is currently only available in Toronto within TTC boundary limits.

Complete the form on the Contact Page to setup an initial complimentary phone consultation where we will learn more about you and discuss a customized program for you to achieve your image and style goals.

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