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Style Consultation – Personal Styling While Personal Shopping

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Style Consultation While Shopping: In-Person Appointment in Toronto, Canada ($200 CAD plus HST per hour, minimum 2 hours). For booking information, click this link

IMPORTANT SERVICE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person services are suspended until further notice. A great alternative is our virtual service offering. If you are set on receiving an in-person consultation, please keep checking back. However, at this time we are unsure exactly when our in-person services will re-open — thank you for your interest!

Before booking this service we strongly recommend having a full in-person colour analysis completed. You could be wearing the best-styled look, but, if it is in a colour or colours that do not give off your best (i.e. making you look washed out and perhaps dull) then it is not such a good look for you.

Once you are wearing styles that are in harmony with your authenticity and therefore give off your best, you may notice you are taken more seriously, gain greater respect, attract new opportunities and people open up to you more both personally and professionally.

Knowing your best colours and styles before you go offline or online shopping are key ingredients to making your shopping experience easy and efficient while knowing you are choosing items that give off your best.

Click here to read an article written by one of our clients about her style consultation experience with Carol — published in Fusia Magazine.


A minimum 2 hour in-person style consultation while shopping includes:

– Usually meeting you at a designated meeting point at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Canada.

– A styling discussion at the start of your appointment to review your shopping goals for the trip, budget, height, somatype, bone structure, body silhouette, facial shape, lifestyle and personality style.

– Hands-on training on how to shop for clothing, accessories, shoes and makeup (if desired) in light of your colour and style recommendations.

– Choosing items to try on and discussing pros and cons of each item tried on.

– Finding items for you to purchase that give off your best sparkle.

To book this service:

– Please send an email to info@carolbrailey.com or fill out the form on our Contact Page indicating your interest in this service and a few date/time options that may work for you to meet for your style consultation while shopping experience.

– We will respond to your email within 2 business days with a time proposal along with a personal style assessment form for you to complete in order for us to get to know a bit about your style goals for the shopping trip.

– In order to secure your appointment time, we will request your personal style assessment and full payment of the 2 hour minimum at least 5 business days prior to your booking. If your appointment goes over the 2 hours (most appointments run around 3 hours we find), the additional time can be paid at the end of your appointment.