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Style Consultation

Style Consultation: In-Person Appointment in Toronto, Canada ($220 CAD plus HST)

IMPORTANT SERVICE NOTE: At this point in time Carol is not offering this service on its own and is only available on a referral basis.

Please see our Image Consulting Services – Packages page for more details on the above service note.

After or along with a full in-person colour analysis, we recommend having your style analysis completed. A style consultation will equip you to display your authentic energy by dressing in a way that maximizes your body type, lifestyle and personality.

Once you are wearing styles that are in harmony with your authenticity and therefore give off your best, you may notice you are taken more seriously, gain greater respect, attract new opportunities and people open up to you more both personally and professionally.

Knowing your best colours and styles before you go offline or online shopping are key ingredients to making your shopping experience easy and efficient while knowing you are choosing items that give off your best.

Click here to read an article written by one of our clients about her style consultation experience with Carol — published in Fusia Magazine.


A 1 to 1.5 hour in-person style consultation includes:

– Reviewing your height, somatype, bone structure, body silhouette, facial shape, lifestyle and personality style.

– Building style recommendations for clothing, jewellery, accessories, shoes and hair that harmonize with each of the above elements of you to equip your appearance to give off your best.

– A review of some of your current clothing (outfits) to access gaps with your current style in light of style recommendations.

– Training on how to shop or choose items in light of your style recommendations.

– A personalized report emailed to you highlighting all recommendations discussed during your style consultation.