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Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping Services Picture

One of my favourite experiences! Shopping time! By shopping together in stores that match your best colours, styles and budget we help you to save A LOT of time, AND A LOT of money.

The result:

You love everything you bought for years to come and have a closet full of clothing you love for a variety of occassions. This is my favourite because it is fun, seamless and efficient!

Going shopping is truly one of the last steps in implementing a look to give off your best and therefore this service is only completed following a full in-person colour analysis and style consultation.


A minimum 2 hour personal shopping experience includes:

– Usually meeting you at a designated meeting point at Yorkdale Mall.

– Hands-on training on how to shop for clothing, accessories, shoes and makeup (if desired) in light of your colour and style recommendations.

– Choosing items to try on and discussing pros and cons of each item tried on.

– Finding items for you to purchase that give off your best sparkle.