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Aligning Your Colour Analysis Results With Your Hair Colour


Hair Style

Helping You Choose a Hair Style That Will Make Your Sparkle

For hair styling consultations, Carol Brailey recommends all of her image consulting clients to Francesco Fontana at Studio Fontana in Toronto, Canada. He is our favourite award-winning hair stylist and was one of the stars on Style by Jury (featured in over 50 episodes). Call 416.921.9888 to book an appointment with Francesco.

Hair Colour

Already Know Your Colour Analysis Results and Want a Hair Colourist Who Understands Translating These Results to Your Hair Colour?

If you already have had a colour analysis, know your seasonal colour palette and are certain of your results including whether you have a combination of colour seasons in your colouring, we have 1 option that may be of interest to you:

Visit the Hair Salon We Recommend In-Person in Toronto, Canada:
Studio Fontana in Toronto, Canada is a fabulous place to go to align your hair colour with your colour analysis results. Francesco Fontana has years of experience working alongside top image consulting professionals and aligning their clients’ hair colours with their colour analysis results. Call 416.921.9888 to book an appointment with Francesco, Krysten, Michelle or Priscilla. When you call to book, let the reception know your current hair colour and your colour analysis results — this will allow them to plan for your appointment accordingly.

Helping You Choose a Hair Colour That Will Make You Sparkle With Colour Analysis

A hair colour that looks great on someone else or a hair colour that looks great in a swatch book, will not necessarily look great on you!  Everyone is perfectly unique. A colour analysis consultation with Image Consultant and Colour Analysis Professional, Carol Brailey will guide you on your best hair colours including what undertone (cool, warm or neutral), value (light, dark or somewhere in between) and intensity (soft or bright) hair colours are most optimal for you to give off your best sparkle.

By wearing a hair colour that is aligned with YOUR optimal hair colour palette, you are guaranteed to look younger, healthier, professional and more vibrant.

In addition to being an Image Consultant and Colour Analysis Professional, Carol is also a licensed hair stylist. Carol’s primary focus at this time in terms of hair services is on including a hair colour analysis consultation within her colour analysis service offering. Carol currently sees all clients for colour analysis at Studio Fontana.

Click this link to watch a video behind the scenes at Studio Fontana where Carol sees in-person colour analysis clients.

Once you know your colour analysis results and hair colour recommendations, Carol can then provide a recommendation or referral to a hair colourist at Studio Fontana. She can also communicate directly with your hair colourist at Studio Fontana to discuss your hair colour analysis recommendations to ensure you transition to your most optimal hair colour(s) with ease.

Why Choose Carol to Perform Your Colour Analysis?
Carol’s strong passion for colour analysis has driven her to become an expert in this field. She has completed advanced training in colour analysis (including colour healing) and often teaches the Colour Analysis and Wardrobe course at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada (schedule permitting). Carol loves to spread her passion and knowledge of colour analysis around the globe through her popular videos on YouTube, blogs on The Huffington Post and free mobile app Shopping My Colors.

Carol has performed hundreds of in-person and online colour analysis consultations to date. She is so honoured to have inspired in-person and online clients from around the globe including clients from Australia, across Canada, Europe, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A.

To find out more about Carol, please click here to read her bio.