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NEW products just added to our Products Page:

Universal Colour Card: perfect for those who do not know their colours AND
Complete Virtual References: perfect references for those who know their colours

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Virtual Colour Analysis

Welcome to VirtualColorAnalysis.com!

Brought to you by Image Consultant and Colour Analysis Professional, Carol Brailey

We now offer 7 colour analysis product and service categories to choose from.
Please select one of the options below to find out more.


”You could be wearing the best-styled outfit or have the best hair style on this planet, but, if the colour or colours
are making you look washed out, dull and perhaps older – it’s really not the most optimal look for you.” – Carol Brailey


1) In-Person Colour Analysis in Toronto, Canada with Carol Brailey

2) Full Live Virtual Colour Analysis in Zoom with Carol Brailey

3) Receive a Virtual Colour Analysis / Online Colour Analysis Using Pictures with Carol Brailey

4) Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Colour Analysis Options:

  • Colour Analysis Course by Carol Brailey – offered online through videos and commentary; one-time fee for lifetime access. A fantastic step-by-step course for the self colour analyzer. This course is primarily marketed as a DIY colour analysis course, however, this course is also great for aspiring colour analysis professionals or those in the beauty/style industry looking to help their clients choose their best colours

  • Shopping My Colors Ultimate App – perfect app for self colour analyzers

  • DIY Colour Analysis Kits

5) Do You Already Know Your Colour Analysis Results? – the options at this link are perfect for you! We have several products and service categories to assist with your hair, makeup, clothing and accessory colour choices

6) Colour Analysis Products – including a phone app, colour references to download to your phone and fabric swatches to shop with, makeup, our Amazon Storefronts sorted by seasonal colour palette and so much more!


You Sparkling By Wearing YOUR Best Hair, Makeup, Clothing and Accessory Colours Never Goes Out of Style!

In the video below, Carol shares with you some of her thoughts on the benefits of colour analysis and her colour analysis mission. Note: Best viewed on phone in landscape mode.