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Full Live Virtual Colour Analysis in Zoom with Carol Brailey

Want to experience a live colour analysis with Carol while our in-person services are suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic OR perhaps you do not live close to Toronto, Canada to visit us once our in-person services re-open?

You can have your colours analyzed by Carol Brailey with our virtual colour analysis service / online colour analysis service over Zoom. During the Zoom appointment Carol uses a combination of virtual background functionality and tools on her screen to arrive at your colour analysis results — all while she walks you through each step of the process and describes/shows you how your results are arrived at for each step.

Related Service: Online Colour Analysis Using Pictures with Carol Brailey. Please also see this link to review additional information on Carol and the benefits of a colour analysis with Carol.

All packages are for both men and women who are 17 years of age or older (i.e. in post-puberty years as colouring is typically settled by then).


”I highly recommend Carol and her services! She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s further enhanced by how personable and fun she is to work with. Phenomenal customer service and a very insightful appointment with helpful results that I have already started to implement. Booking the appointment was easy and straightforward, and I received prompt, clear, and helpful information pre and post session. Carol came well-prepared and she ran the virtual session adeptly and smoothly. After doing a lot research on various consultants and businesses, I chose her virtual service and she was 100% the right choice. One of the best experiences I’ve had this year and well worth the investment!.” – Hannah O., New York City U.S.A.


See Our Video Below for More on this Service

In the video below, Carol shares some of the highlights of the Full Live Colour Analysis Experience in Zoom. During a Zoom analysis, you may choose to have Carol run the session fully from her computer OR you may choose to have a combination of Carol running the session from her computer and you use the virtual background functionality in Zoom to do colour background comparisons as well — all while Carol walks you through the process and rationale for your results as she moves through each step of your colour analysis.

You may also choose to view this video on YouTube to see a Zoom colour analysis done by Carol (note: the video in this link is approx 45 min long).


Full Live Colour Analysis in a Zoom Meeting with Carol Brailey ($250 CAD plus HST if applicable for one person)

A 1 to 1.5 hour Zoom consultation for each client includes:

– As a control to assist with virtual accuracy, Carol will review your eye pattern and a picture of you around the age of 20 at the beginning of your appointment. She will also refer to a current picture of your face during your appointment (please see Step #3 in booking details below for more on how to send these items).

– Undertone, Seasonal, Flow Colour Analysis: includes full online process to identify your optimal colours for clothing, accessories, jewellery, makeup and hair (using a 16 seasonal system view: 4 seasons with 4 flow options for each season).

– Identifying your “Wow” colours for clothing, makeup and accessories by being draped in your palette once it is known.

– A hair colour analysis: identifying your most optimal hair colour(s) – including trying on virtual hair swatches (if makes sense as part of the discussion).

– A review of your makeup bag (if you wear makeup) and a few of your clothing items to see if they align with your colour palette.

– Carol will record your Zoom session and email you the MP4 file afterwards so that you can re-play your live analysis at any time.

– After your appointment, you may choose to view/purchase any of the references or items at this link to assist you with further implementing your results after the call.

To book a live colour analysis in Zoom with Carol, please complete the 3 steps detailed below:

Note: After sending your payment (step #2), please move on to complete step #3 to finish your booking.

Step 2 – Confirm Your Zoom Setup

– Ensure you have the Zoom app installed and can use the Zoom App

– If you would like to have colours displayed in your Zoom background during the appointment, please also confirm that your hardware (i.e. computer) has the technology to allow for virtual backgrounds in Zoom (note: if you want Carol to run the session fully on her computer, you do not need to have or use virtual backgrounds in Zoom).
Please see this link to download Zoom.

– Please see this link to check if your technology allows for virtual background use in Zoom. A quick summary check is to open a Zoom meeting and look for the video camera icon. If the arrow beside the icon shows a drop-down menu with “Virtual Background Settings”, then you have the technology.

Note: If you do not have a comfort level using Zoom, then we do not recommend this service as we will not be providing technical support on the use of Zoom for this service. Zoom has a Support Desk if you need support using Zoom.

Step 2 – Send Us Your Appointment Payment

– In order to secure your booking we require full payment upfront. Please click the button ‘ADD TO CART’ below to send us your appointment payment through PayPal.

– Please note: Carol only offers this service currently on Fridays or Saturdays between the hours of 10am ET and 4pm ET. If you are not available on these days/time range then please do not proceed with booking / sending us payment.

By sending us payment, you acknowledge you have read and accept the Full Live Virtual Colour Analysis in Zoom Terms and Conditions noted below.

– After sending your payment, your email address will receive a receipt from our accounting system within one business day.

– You do not need a PayPal account — simply click “Continue” after clicking on the appropriate link above, followed by clicking on the grey button that says “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card” (underneath the blue Log In button on the screen).

– We totally understand “stuff” comes up and that is why you will be able to re-schedule your appointment time through email up to 48 hours before your appointment time without losing your payment.

Step 3 – Complete Your Online Booking and Send Us 3 Pictures

Click this link to schedule your appointment time. Please note: at this point in time Carol will only be offering this service on Fridays or Saturdays between the hours of 10am ET and 4pm ET.

Then Email info@carolbrailey.com the 3 following items:

Note: in order for your appointment to proceed, we will need the 3 items below at least 2 business days prior to your appointment.

Current Picture of Your Face: A clear picture of your face with no makeup, no colouring from self tanner and no shadows in natural daylight – preferably standing by a window or outside (not direct sunlight). If you wear eyeglasses, please remove them for this picture. If you currently colour your hair, please send a picture with your hair off your face as well (perhaps cover it with a white scarf). It is also best to ensure the picture of your face represents your true natural colouring as it appears in-person in natural daylight before sending.

– A clear picture where the lines and curves in your eyes are visible (Example here). While your eye colour is somewhat helpful, your eye pattern clarity in this photo is more important.

– A picture of yourself around the age of 20. Ideally this picture would be of you with your natural hair colour, however, if you do not have a picture of your natural hair colour at that time please also include a description of your natural hair colour in your email.

Please see the video at this link for tips on how to take a great picture of the current picture of your face and of your eye pattern for a virtual colour analysis

All appointment details including meeting details, how to setup and how to prepare will be included in the appointment instructions that will emailed to you once you book within two business days. Please note: we do not offer refunds and all receipts will be issued from our accounting system to your email address within one business day of receipt of your payment. We ask for 48 hours notice for any appointment date/time changes. Any appointment date/time changes that are requested within 48 hours of your appointment, there will be a $125 CAD (plus HST if applicable) re-booking fee requested via email through PayPal before re-booking your appointment to your requested new date/time. This includes appointments where the client does not sign on to the meeting on the date/time of the appointment (aka is a no-show).

Full Live Virtual Colour Analysis in Zoom Terms and Conditions:
1. After completing steps above, if Carol Brailey is not confident that she can complete your colour analysis virtually (meaning your photos or video screen are too blurry to view), a full refund will be issued to you. Other than that, there are no refunds. Please also review notes #2 and #4 below regarding accuracy.
2. The accuracy of virtual colour analysis is dependent on the quality of lighting, photos and video in Step #1 above, which you as the client are in control of and therefore we do not guarantee accuracy of results. Carol will guide you during the Zoom meeting on lighting tweeks. However, she has no way of fully knowing the accuracy of how your in person natural colouring translates to your screen. We advise you to review all photos of eyes and video displayed to ensure they accurately represent your true in-person colouring in natural daylight before sending.
3. If some of the photos submitted prior to your appointment are unclear, you may be requested to submit additional photos or provide additional information during your Zoom Meeting.
4. An in-person colour consultation is always the best option if it is available to you. An in-person consultation allows you to visually experience why certain colours do and do not give off your best, you get to try on hair colour swatches, you are draped in your best colour palette (once it is known) and gives you the best guarantee to ensure required lighting and other contributors to an accurate colour analysis are in place.
5. All photos received and recorded video are kept confidential and deleted from our email system and any associated folders within one week of your Zoom call. Note: your personalized report is saved in our files.

6. Carol Brailey (2319114 Ontario Ltd.) disclaims any liability for your reliance on any opinions or advice from your online colour analysis.