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Contact Page – Common Email Responses

We look forward to inspiring you to wear your authenticity!

Common Email Responses:

1. Looking for our virtual / online colour analysis service (including eye pattern photo submission)?
– We offer a virtual colour analysis service through virtualcoloranalysis.com. All of our in-person and virtual colour analysis services options are at the virtualcoloranalysis.com link above.
– If you are sending us unsolicited pictures and/or information and are not a client through one of our virtualcoloranalysis.com services that require photo/info submission, unfortunately we will delete your email as we only accept picture and information submissions from clients. We hope you choose to join us through one of our services at virtualcoloranalysis.com.

2. Not a Client or Event/Media Inquiry?
Our general email policy is that we only read and respond to client, potential client and event/media appearance emails
– If you are not a potential new client or not a current client and are looking for Carol’s colour analysis, product, style, shopping or training advice, we recommend visiting the Services, Blog, Videos, Image Consultant Training, About Carol or Products sections on carolbrailey.com.
– If you are looking for an image consultant and/or colour analysis professional in your geographic area (outside Richmond Hill, Stratford, Toronto, Canada), we recommend using an Internet Search Engine and assessing a combination of education and experience level of the professional(s) that come up in the search results. As a reminder, Carol does offer a virtual colour analysis service at virtualcoloranalysis.com.

3. For Product and/or Training Inquiries From the International Image Institute:
– Please email service@imageinstitute.com.
– Note: This site and service@imageinstitute.com does not offer DIY colour analysis support. Please see our Image Consultant Training section at carolbrailey.com to find out about colour analysis training options.

4. For Our Virtual Colour Analysis Clients:
– We respond to all photo, information and payment submissions within one business day by sending you a receipt from our accounting system confirming your package booking.
– If you are emailing us questions prior to Carol completing your analysis and have enrolled in one of the Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis Packages, you should expect to receive a response within one business day.
– If you are emailing us post-analysis questions and have enrolled in the Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis Package (no Skype Call), we ask you to review the Terms and Conditions for your package by visiting virtualcoloranalysis.com as you have chosen a package that does not include post-analysis question support.
– If you are emailing us questions and have not enrolled in one of the Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis Packages (i.e. not enrolled in a package with support), we ask you to review the Terms and Conditions for your package by visiting virtualcoloranalysis.com.

5. For Our Past In-Person and Past Personalized Virtual Colour Analysis (with Skype Call) Clients Emailing Questions:
Due to time and volume constraints, Carol has limited availability to personally respond to post-consultation questions from all past clients. If you don’t hear back from us within one business day, we have assessed your email and have determined below addresses the contents of your email.

We recommend reviewing your colour and/or style report(s) sent to you after your consultation as most post-consultation queries we receive are usually answered when re-reading your report.

One of our most asked about questions is on how to use a colour analysis reference or the contents of colour analysis references. We recommend reviewing our video on How to Use a Colour Analysis Reference (usually included in your colour report) and is also at this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XruHGT5wtpw&t=10s. Your colour strip combined with your colour wallet can be used for shopping. All colours in these references align with your colour palette and will make you sparkle. A colour strip may contain additional or different references to your wallet. Both combined provide an optimal number of references to guide you.

If you would like additional consultation follow-up with Carol Brailey, you may consider an informational interview package at this link – https://www.carolbrailey.com/informational_interview_postconsultation_colouranalysis_style_coaching/ where you can use the interview time to receive additional coaching or advice from Carol.

Unfortunately, Carol does not review pictures sent post-analysis to determine if they are in your colour palette due to lighting, screen and camera colouring variations.