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Shopping My Colors

Our page dedicated to colour analysis and shopping with your best colours in mind!

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Carol Brailey has taken the shopping guesswork out for you by personally reviewing every item listing on this page and categorizing each by seasonal colour palette.

The links on this page will forward you to the appropriate vendor to view / purchase.

Keep checking back as this page is currently under development / will be consistently updated.

Current Product Categories:


    Makeup Sorted By Seasonal Colour Palette

    Purses Sorted By Seasonal Colour Palette

    Shoes Sorted By Seasonal Colour Palette

    Plus Much More… Stay Tuned!



Free Shopping My Colors App

The Shopping My Colors mobile app is the perfect shopping companion for those who want to shop with their seasonal colour palette on their phone and/or those who want to explore the world of colour analysis and use colour analysis while shopping. The app is compatible with Android (v4.4.2 devices and up) and Apple devices (iOS 8 and up).
NEW! You can now use the app on your computer or phone through our app’s website or preview the app before downloading on our app’s website.

Click this link to signup and gain access to our FREE Shopping My Colors App.

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Carol Brailey Holding Colour Analysis Fabric Swatch

Carol Brailey’s DIY Colour Analysis and Eye Pattern Workshops

Carol reveals her 5 Recommended DIY Colour Analysis Steps through workshop videos and guides you through your own DIY Colour Analysis. These steps along with details about how an eye pattern can reveal your seasonal colour palette will never be revealed on our YouTube Channel. Perfect for the Do-It-Yourself or Self Colour Analyzer and/or if you want to use colour analysis to help your clients reveal their best hair, makeup, clothing and accessory colours (e.g. hairstylists, makeup artists, opticians, etc.).


Colour Analysis Flags

Colour Analysis Products

Click this link to view and purchase colour analysis products and tools.
Includes seasonal colour swatch wallets and strips. All products are shipped worldwide from Toronto, Canada.
***Note: products are typically shipped out weekly every Friday and includes orders received by Thursday 12pm EST.***


Scarves and Wraps (sorted by seasonal colour palette)

Winter Palette and Flows of Winter

True Winter

Cool Winter

Bright Winter

Deep Winter

Summer Palette and Flows of Summer

True Summer

Cool Summer

Muted Summer

Light Summer

Spring Palette and Flows of Spring

True Spring

Warm Spring

Light Spring

Bright Spring

Autumn Palette and Flows of Autumn

True Autumn

Warm Autumn

Deep Autumn

Muted Autumn