Handheld Recommendations

Vendors listed below are foundationally aligned with colour analysis system we use

Recommended Vendor List

Key Notes on Handheld Purchase Recommendations Below:

  • With the quick expansion of the colour analysis industry, inventory of handheld references has become an issue. If you choose to purchase from any of the vendors below, our advice would be to ensure they have inventory on hand for the date when you would like to receive your order by before ordering.
  • Carol Brailey does not work for or own any of the companies noted below. Any questions on inventory availability, products and/or shipping, please contact the appropriate vendor below. We do not support any queries on handheld purchases or take on responsibility of handheld purchase decisions. Carol Brailey (2319114 Ontario Ltd.) disclaims any liability or responsibility for your decision to engage with all or any of the vendors listed below.
  • Colour references are just guides. It is recommended to use all references you receive in conjunction with each other as all colours in each reference are aligned with the palette; you may find colours in one reference and not in the other.
  • It is not possible to fill a colour reference with every possible undertone, value and intensity of colours you may encounter for each colour palette. The way to use the reference would be to hold up the colour you are contemplating purchasing to the colours in the reference and ask yourself if it looks close to the colour(s) and/or is in the same family of colours and/or harmonizes with the colours and usually you will be able to tell if something is in a palette or not that way.
  • Products of the vendors listed below are foundationally based on the same colour analysis system we use (16 season system). The vendor you choose to order from below may have very slight differences in the methodology used to formulate their wallet to the colour analysis system we use. In our determination these differences are not material enough for the vendor not to be listed in the list below.

Recommended Vendors:

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* If choosing to order from Style Solutions for You or Unique to You Colour, on their sites they refer to Muted Summer and Muted Autumn as Soft Summer and Soft Autumn. They may also refer to Bright Spring and Bright Winter as Clear Spring and Clear Winter.

If the colour analysis result you received was True Cool, True Warm, True Muted, True Bright, True Light or True Deep, the International Image Institute would be the only vendor we know of that has a product for your result.

**International Image Institute Handheld Reference Mappings for Your Colour Analysis Result:

  • True Winter – Winter swatch wallet
  • True Summer – Summer swatch wallet
  • True Spring – Spring swatch wallet
  • True Autumn – Autumn swatch wallet
  • Cool Winter – Cool swatch wallet with Winter add-on card
  • Cool Summer – Cool swatch wallet with Summer add-on card
  • Warm Spring – Warm swatch wallet with Spring add-on card
  • Warm Autumn – Warm swatch wallet with Autumn add-on card
  • Light Summer – Light swatch wallet with Summer add-on card
  • Light Spring – Light swatch wallet with Spring add-on card
  • Deep Winter – Deep swatch wallet with Winter add-on card
  • Deep Autumn – Deep swatch wallet with Autumn add-on card
  • Muted Summer – Muted swatch wallet with Summer add-on card
  • Muted Autumn – Muted swatch wallet with Autumn add-on card
  • Bright Winter – Bright swatch wallet with Winter add-on card
  • Bright Spring – Bright swatch wallet with Spring add-on card
  • True Cool – Cool swatch wallet
  • True Warm – Warm swatch wallet
  • True Muted – Muted swatch wallet
  • True Bright – Bright swatch wallet
  • True Light – Light swatch wallet
  • True Deep – Deep swatch wallet

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