Colour Analysis Kits

Discover and enhance your personal style with ease.

Must-have colour analysis tools in your wardrobe!

On top of our colour analysis services, we also offer an extensive collection of colour  analysis kits and personal style kits exclusively from the International Image Institute. These resources are designed to guide and empower you to make informed style choices.

Perfect your look effortlessly.

Fabric Flags

Vibrant colour flags for each colour palette. These are Carol’s must-have items for shopping!

Printed Colour Strips

Sleek and compact strips for easy reference to your colour palette.

Fabric Swatch Wallets

Luxurious wallets showcasing 36 swatches to help you shop and find your personal style more confidently.

Colour Swatch Add-on Cards

Expand your style options with additional colour analysis recommendations.

Colour Dimensions Assessors

Discover the optimal undertone, value, and intensity of colours in harmony with you.

Lipstick Accessors

Lipstick assessors are a tool that you can use to help identify your optimal colour palette. Simply hold it up to your lips to discover perfect colour harmony.

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