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Before & After Hair Colour Photos

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Courtesty Carol Brailey Image Consulting and virtualcoloranalysis.com
Please note: these photos are copyrighted as stated in footer of this page.

Photos below published with permission of the clients and have no filters added.

Carol personally took most of the photos below and readily admits she has yet to develop photography skills. However, she hopes the before and after photos below capture for you the benefits of wearing a hair colour that is aligned with your optimal colour palette.

Some of the benefits include:

  • A slimmer and more refined facial shape and jawline.

  • A more vibrant and healthy glow.

  • Harmony and balance between skin and hair colouring.

  • A more youthful appearance.

  • Vibrant and sparkling eye colour.

  • Professional appearance.

  • Lines, texture and any skin imperfections on the face are diminished.

  • Your hair colour choice does not overpower YOU (also known as our eyes are more naturally drawn to focus on your face as opposed to your hair).

1. Warm Spring – From Blonde to Warm Strawberry Blonde
This Virtual Colour Analysis client purchased the Comprehensive Package. Carol analyzed her to be in the Warm Spring seasonal colour palette. One aspect covered in this Skype consultation is discussing your optimal hair colours and how to transition to your optimal hair colours. During the consult, Carol recommended to this client that she transition from her blonde hair colour to a warm strawberry blonde. The client sent us an update with the attached before and after photos.
***Note: this client was in the process of correcting her eyebrows that where coloured incorrectly.


2. Warm Autumn – Returned to medium warm brown, hair colour completed by Carol Brailey
This hair colour client visited Carol after putting blonde in her hair for approximately 1.5 years. She had initially put blonde in her hair to help hide the greys.


3. Deep Autumn – From Blonde to Brunette, hair colour completed by Carol Brailey
This client is in the Deep Autumn seasonal colour palette. Blonde hair colour is not in the optimal colour palette for Deep Autumns, whereas brown is in their optimal hair colour palette. She went from blonde to brown hair colouring on March 28, 2015 after 17 years of highlighting her hair blonde.


4. True Summer – From Warm to Ash Medium-Deep Brown, hair colour completed by Carol Brailey
This hair colour client is within the True Summer seasonal colour palette. Warm hair colouring does not align with True Summers – cool dark to medium brown ash or blonde ash are optimal.


5. Muted Summer – From bright blonde to brown, hair colour completed by Carol Brailey
Muted summers best suit soft (not bright) hair colouring. Ideally a neutral-ash combination. This particular client chose to align her hair colour choice with her natural hair colour. The photos below are the professional photos taken for her business before and after working with Carol.

6. From bright blonde to a muted brown, hair colour completed by Carol Brailey
Soft (not bright) hair colour recommended for this client by Carol. She had been colouring her hair since 2002 with a hair colour that was not aligned with her optimal colour palette.
Laura Before and After Hair Colour

7. Deep Winter – No blonde recommended, hair colour completed by Carol Brailey
Blonde is not an optimal hair colour for Deep Winters. Deep browns or in some cases, black is most optimal.

8. True Summer – From Very Warm Blonde to Primarily Ash Blonde, hair colour completed by Carol Brailey
This hair colour client participated in Carol’s
“What’s Your Seasonal Colour Flag?” photo series on Facebook. When Carol approached her and colour analyzed her on the spot, it was very obvious her warm blonde hair colour was completely mis-aligned with her True Summer colouring. The client followed up and booked a hair colour appointment with Carol.