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Colour Analysis Professional International Directory

Are you a colour analysis professional outside of the Greater Toronto
and Hamilton Area (GTHA), Ontario Canada?

Would you like to be listed on our site?

Our site consistently receives emails from visitors seeking a colour analysis professional in their geographic area who is a trained and experienced in-person colour analysis professional.

We are looking to build a directory for our audience to reference that includes a listing of trained and experienced colour analysis professionals worldwide. Would you like to be listed in this directory?

Our plan for this directory is to: 1) have a button off of our 2 pages that are heavily visited 1) virtualcoloranalysis.com page and 2) colour analysis consultation page that links to a page pretty much similar to this one. We may also include over time a button at the header of our page.

Right now we are trying to understand if other colour professionals have interest in participating in a directory program as stated below. As soon as we receive our first colour analysis professional to add to the directory, we will have the page up within 2 business days. We will offer 50% payment discount for the first month or first year to the first 3 colour analysis professionals who signup to the directory program as outlined below.

About Our Page:

– Our page averages 1,500 to 1,800 new visitors every month with an average of 500 to 800 repeat visitors every month. The top countries our visitors are from are the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

– Our page is also top Google and YouTube Search in a number of colour analysis and hair colour related categories.

– Our site also receives consistent visitors from our blogs published on The Huffington Post.

– It is possible by being listed on our page, your Google Search ranking may increase.

How to Be Listed On Our Page:

Carol Brailey is an advocate of in-person colour analysis being completed by trained and experienced professionals. Therefore she is looking to fill this directory with only trained and experienced professionals. If you would like to be listed on this directory, please send an email to info@carolbrailey.com with all of the following expressing your interest:

– A website link to the training program you have completed

– Proof that you have completed this training program

– A link to your colour analysis services website

– An approximate count of the number of paid in-person colour analysis consultations you have completed to date and an approximate count of people you have assessed within each seasonal colour palette

Once we receive all of the above from you, we will confirm with you within 5 business days your directory listing. We will request the following from you to appear on our directory:

– Confirmation that you approve of us posting the following on our directory – name of training program you have completed and a summary of your colour analysis experience

– A link to a bio picture of yourself (we will not host the picture, please just send us a link to the image you want us to direct to on our site)

– The business name you would like to appear in the directory listing

– The website link and email address you would like to appear in the directory listing

– Completion of a small agreement to appear in our directory (e.g. authorizing us to share your information and confirming payment terms noted below)

– Payment for each month you would like to be listed in the directory: If outside of Ontario, Canada – $70 CAD for the first month (includes setup of your listing on directory) and $35 CAD for each subsequent month OR $400 CAD per year (plus HST if applicable). If within Ontario, Canada and outside of the GTHA – $100 CAD for the first month (includes setup of your listing on directory) and $60 CAD for each subsequent month OR $700 CAD per year (plus HST). Unfortunately as Carol is based in Toronto, Canada our directory will not include colour analysis professionals within the GTHA.

– For each month you would like to be included in the directory, we will request payment through PayPal.

– If selecting the per year option (with discount), we will request the full year payment upfront through PayPal.

– You will receive an official receipt from our accounting system for each payment received.

– We offer no guarantees on the number of visitors or clients you will receive by listing in our directory.

– One month minimum to appear in our directory.