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About Carol

Picture of Carol Brailey

Carol Brailey combines her areas of expertise of colour and style as an image consultant and colour analysis professional.

Carol was her first image consulting client.  After seeing what image consulting services did for herself, Carol started Carol Brailey Image Consulting to bring the benefits to others.  She has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, received her Image Consulting Certification through George Brown College and is a graduate of the Marca College Hair Program, also in Toronto. In addition, Carol has completed advanced training with the International Image Institute, colour therapy training with the Transformational Arts College and is a licensed hair stylist with the Ontario College of Trades (however, she does not see hair clients and focuses on her Image Consulting practice at this point in time).

Carol’s strong passion for colour analysis has driven her to become an expert in this field. She has taught the Colour Analysis and Wardrobe course at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. Carol loves to spread her passion and knowledge of colour analysis around the globe through her popular videos on YouTube and TikTok and blogs on The Huffington Post.

Carol is so honoured to have inspired in-person and online clients from around the world including clients from Australia, across Canada, Europe, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A.

Prior to becoming an image consultant, Carol worked for several years in escalating roles of responsibility in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Film industries.  Her latest positions in these industries included leadership and project management roles.  Carol has worked alongside some of the top film industry professionals, including Academy Award nominees and recipients.

Carol’s most important values include being of service, integrity, ambition, spirituality and creativity.

Carol is CEO of Carol Brailey Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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