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Posts made in November, 2017

My Thoughts on Color, Style and Aligning to Your Spiritual Core

Posted by on Nov 9, 2017 in Blog, Closet, Colour Analysis, Following Your Passion, Hair, Personal Power, Shopping, Style | Comments Off on My Thoughts on Color, Style and Aligning to Your Spiritual Core

I believe the most important thing about all of us is who we are at our core, who we are when we strip away everything we’ve gathered on the physical, strip away our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energies that are not serving us and therefore are not truths. Who are we? Who are you?
It is when we tap into this core dimension of ourselves that we can awaken to aligning our body, mind, emotions and energy to who we are, feel naturally blissful and therefore naturally attract things that are in harmony with who we are.

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