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2 Steps To Avoid Makeup Color Choices Washing You Out

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Originally Published in The Huffington Post at this link – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-brailey/2-steps-to-avoid-makeup-c_b_12378400.html

When you go shopping for new makeup, how do you decide on which colors to choose? It is quite common to see makeup on a celebrity, someone around us or in pictures on the Internet and want to go shopping for similar colors. However, there is a major step missing in these scenarios and that is seeking out makeup colors that are optimal for you.

If you choose makeup colors that are not in harmony with your coloring, you could be making yourself look dull, washed out, older and even magnify skin imperfections.

Here Are Two Steps to Avoid Your Makeup Color Choices Washing You Out:

1) Understand whether you have a cool or a warm skin undertone: Knowing your skin undertone will help isolate makeup colors that are in better harmony with you. If you cannot have a color analysis completed with a professional, ask a cosmetician or beauty expert wherever you go makeup shopping if they can help determine your skin undertone.

2) Understand what value and intensity of colors work for you. Find out whether you suit lighter or darker colors (value) and softer or brighter colors (intensity). This can be revealed through a color analysis. You can also try out using color fabrics at home using the steps in the video in this blog.

Once you know the undertone, value and intensity of makeup colors that give off your best, your makeup shopping experience will be easy and efficient.

When you want to test out a makeup color at the store, here are some additional steps I recommend:

– If testing out a lip color: swab the tester on your fingertip as this best represents the coloring of your lips.

– For all makeup colors except lip colors: swatch the tester on the back of your hand.

– Ensure the color appearing on your fingertip or back of your hand aligns with the undertone, value and intensity of colors that give off your best. If you have had a color analysis, you usually will have a color reference of some sort to compare to.

By making color choices that match your coloring, you are allowing the world to see your best and sparkling self!

Carol Brailey is an Image Consultant and Color Analysis Professional based in Toronto, Canada. More of her blogs can be found at carolbrailey.com and virtualcoloranalysis.com.

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