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What Does Your Hair Color Choice Have to Do With Your Eyes?

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Blog, Colour Analysis, Hair | Comments Off on What Does Your Hair Color Choice Have to Do With Your Eyes?

Originally published in The Huffington Post at this link – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-brailey/what-does-your-hair-color_b_7307820.html

“The eyes are the window to your soul.” – William Shakespeare

“Your eyes are sparkling now! I had no idea what your eye color was. I could not easily see your eyes before”. This is a very common reaction of friends and family when seeing their loved one for the first time after their hair color has been transformed to one in their optimal color palette. It is always so beautiful to easily see someone’s eyes as I do believe they are the window to a person’s soul.

Part of my color analysis training included the study of eye patterns. I was fascinated to learn what an individual’s eyes can reveal about them. Now a few years later after starring into hundreds of eyes, I am still amazed at how unique everyone’s eyes truly are. It is fascinating to me and I personally am a huge fan of doing everything appearance-wise to easily show-off a person’s eyes. Eyes hold so much power.

Is your current hair color choice making it difficult for others to see your eyes? Easy and quick ways to find out include:

– Asking someone who does not know you extremely well what your eye color is. If they really have to stare deeply into your eyes to reveal your eye color or if it takes them some time / thought, it is quite possible you are not wearing your most optimal hair color.

– When you look in the mirror or when someone looks at you, are your eyes or their eyes more naturally drawn to look at your hair first before your eyes? This is a sign your hair color is overpowering you.

– When you look in the mirror or when someone looks at you, are you eyes lacking vibrancy or sparkle? This is a sign your hair color choice is overpowering you.

If you don’t know your optimal hair color palette, I recommend finding it out before coloring your hair for the first time or making your next hair color appointment. Professionals to seek advice from include a hair colorist with training or experience to help reveal your best colors and / or a color analysis professional.

My wish is that you easily and effortlessly allow those around you to see your eyes and the beautiful window to your soul.

I hope this blog post inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey is an Image Consultant who specializes in color analysis. More of her color blogs can be found at carolbrailey.com and virtualcoloranalysis.com.