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Quiz: Does Your Home Look Better Than You?

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Originally published in The Huffington Post at this link – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-brailey/quiz-do-you-know-how-to-d_b_6284462.html

I enjoy watching home design reality television shows. It is fascinating when the show features a participant who is eagerly decorating their home to be a magnificent and modern showpiece of beauty, while their own personal appearance choices — to put it lightly — do not give off their best. People who fit this scenario ultimately have put a higher priority in investing in the decor of their home over their own appearance, on national television for that matter!

They engage with home renovation professionals and go to many home design stores spending significant time, energy and money analyzing color and style requirements for their home’s optimal decor.

All the while, on the show, at work and play their appearance choices make them look like they live in a time warp, have no sense of personal style and are lacking a sense of worthiness or confidence. Can you relate? Are you one of them?

Don’t get me wrong here, I agree your home should be the ultimate comfort and happy space for you and your family. I’m just saying a higher level of priority should be placed on your personal appearance choices because they contribute to how you feel about yourself and how the world receives you. Given the choice between updating a 1990’s-style clean, working, functional kitchen or enhancing your own appearance to give off your best energy — I would always recommend upgrading you first.

The universe has signed you up for a life-long commitment to YOU. It has still yet to be determined if the universe has signed you up for a life-long commitment to the building you currently reside in. What is your priority?

Your appearance choices play a role in attracting experiences including a new job, a promotion, a sale, a romantic opportunity and social opportunities. Perhaps if you are one of the show’s participants, you could even attract your dream acting job. All of these are key elements that contribute to your overall happiness.

More importantly, how you feel when you look in the mirror contributes to your overall happiness. If you are not feeling excitement and joy every time you look in the mirror, that is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

There are several areas of our lives where we are judged by our appearance choices (besides on a national television show). One area is in the workplace. Here’s an example to illustrate — if you attend a job interview wearing an outdated hairstyle and suit, you may be interpreted as old fashioned, resistant to change and an outdated thinker. In today’s job market these characteristics are more often than not seen as negative. Other areas we are judged by our appearance choices include the dating and social scene.

The first step is the same for both a home re-design project and upgrading your appearance — you need to build the requirements. Here’s a short quiz you can take to reveal if and where you have put a higher priority in investing in the requirements to decorate your home over your own appearance requirements. You can either read through the questions and mentally track your responses or pull out a pen and paper to keep track of your responses — it’s only a 6 question quiz to trigger your thinking.

1. You are more likely to head out to the store knowing the color requirements…

a) To decorate your home to ensure it gives off a vibrant and harmonious energy: includes walls, flooring, cabinets, fixtures etc.

b) For you: You have had a color analysis consultation and know the color choices for your hair, makeup, clothing and accessories that work with your coloring to emit a vibrant, harmonious, healthy and youthful energy.

2. Measurements: You are more likely to head out to the store knowing accurate measurements or size requirements for…

a) The element of your home that you are furnishing.

b) Yourself (note: be honest with yourself here).

3. Lifestyle: You are more likely to analyze before purchasing…

a) What furnishings are required for your home and where items will be positioned. When a piece is found, you ensure it aligns with your overall vision on how you would like your home to be received.

b) What clothing items or accessories you require for each of your lifestyle areas (work, home, play) and how you would like to be perceived in each lifestyle area. When you find a clothing item or accessory, you ensure it aligns with your lifestyle requirements and how you want to be received at the particular activity or function.

4. Silhouettes (shapes) and Material: You are more likely to know before heading out to the store…

a) Whether a round, square or rectangle table works best for the size and shape of your kitchen and what material you would like the table to be made out of.

b) What clothing silhouettes (shapes) and fabrics work best for you to maximize your body type.

5. Personality: You are more likely to know before heading out to the store and ensure your purchases include…

a) The overall personality style you would like the decor of your home to display examples include country, classic, modern, etc.

b) The overall personality style you would like your appearance to display examples include creative, romantic, classic, natural, etc.

6. Keeping Up-To-Date: Every four years you are more likely to…

a) Redecorate all or part of your home.

b) Have your hairstylist update your hairstyle and ensure you have purchased at least two new stylish outfits each season that incorporate all the ‘b’s’ above. You ensure you have something to wear that excites you for every occasion.

If you responded ‘a’ for all or some of the questions above, it’s time for you to consider closing the gap(s) and refining your own appearance requirements. If you feel like you need advice while refining your requirements, you could ask a close style-savvy friend or family member. Choose someone who naturally has high level and superb taste, knows you extremely well, and sees your best you when she/he looks at you OR you could seek out an image consultant who is trained in these areas.

Ultimately, building and implementing your appearance requirements is up to you. The best way to avoid dressing up your home better than you is to know your color palette, style, lifestyle and personality needs. Once you know your requirements in these appearance areas and shop with these in mind, you will be giving off your best to the world outside your home.

There is no time like the present to start spending more energy building and implementing the requirements to decorate you!

I hope this blog post inspires you to wear your authenticity!

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