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This Dress Was Expensive, Therefore I Should Keep It …

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Are you keeping, or even worse, wearing an article of clothing that does not show off the best YOU because of the label on the item or because you originally paid a lot of money for the item?

The first place to start is determining your image priorities. If it turns out that one of your priorities is to project the best you, which is my number one recommendation, then let go of items that do not suit you. Many people tend to sacrifice so much more than the money they have shelled out by presenting an image that showcases the amount they paid rather than showcasing their authentic and stunning selves.

When I go through my clients’ closets, I never factor in the label or the original cost of an article of clothing in determining whether an item is a keeper versus a donation candidate.

Any time a client indicates they would like to keep an article of clothing because of the label on the item or the original cost of the item, I always ask how much is this item really costing them in the long run? – a job, a promotion, a missed romantic opportunity, lower energy?

Why would you want to keep and/or wear an item that…
-Is not in your colour palette?
-Does not maximize your body silhouette?
-Does not show off your personality?
-Looks outdated or worn?
-Does not excite you?

People at work and in social settings will never grab your collar and look at the label on the inside of your shirt or dress etc. and/or ask for you to produce the original price tag for a clothing item. If they did, I don’t think you’d want to be in that workplace or social setting :-). But, I will guarantee you that people will look at your overall external appearance and make judgments about you. Don’t you want to be giving off your best and most authentic energy?

The best way to avoid overspending and/or filling your closet with items that don’t belong there in the first place, is to know your colour palette, style, lifestyle and personality needs. Once you know these key elements about you and shop with these in mind, you will stop wasting your time and money filling your closet with items that are costing you more than money in terms of potential lost job, promotion, social and romantic opportunities, etc.

My suggestion, base your clothing decisions on fashion sense rather then expense.

I hope this article inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey

Image Consultant and Hair Professional