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Does Your Hair Colourist Know Your Optimal Hair Colour?

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Picture - Choosing Right Hair Colour For You
Did you know most hair colourists are not trained to identify your specific ideal hair colour? And even if you told a hair colourist your colour season and flow of colour season most could not translate this key information about what colours are right for You into a hair colour for You.

There is a significant training gap in the hair colourist education curriculum. This curriculum trains hair colourists on how to formulate and apply hair colour. However, it does not include colour analysis training. As a hair colourist then gains experience, they gain exposure to different clients and over time may develop an eye for hair colours that work for different individuals. However, most are not trained colour analysis professionals.

Why should this matter to YOU?

Your hair is one of the first things people see when they look at you. If you are not wearing your optimal or correct hair colour, or, are wearing too many colours in your hair you are distracting others from seeing you. This will therefore limit the expression of your personal power, your influence, charm, and overall authentic personality. As a result you could look dull, worn, outdated, odd, unbalanced, and even old.

Before I underwent my image consultant and hair training, I went regularly to a hair colourist to have my hair coloured. During the consult we would assess my natural hair colour, my current coloured hair colour and look at colour swatch books to determine what hair colour(s) to apply during the appointment. Sometimes we would even pull out pictures of a celebrity to identify what hair colour to apply.

The problem with the above consult scenario is that there is a major step missing: Determining what the optimal hair colour(s) are.

Colours that look good in a colour swatch book or on someone else don’t necessarily look good on you. Hair colour consults need to include key factors about YOU in determining the hair colour(s) to apply. For instance, some of the items that should be considered include your skin tone, your skin undertone, your colour season (including flow of season) etc.

I was an Image Consultant before I completed my hair training. Once I found out that my colour season is True Summer, I knew my hair colour at the time was completely misaligned to where it needed to be for me to give off my best energy. So I went to an upscale hair salon and visited a hair colourist with over 10 years of experience. This colourist had even completed training and worked in Europe for a few years.

I told this hair colourist that my skin undertone was cool and my colour season was True Summer. They looked at me with a blank look when I said these key pieces of information about what colours are best for ME. I then explained that my hair colour needed to have an Ashy look to it. They then said to me that they knew exactly what to do and they were going to add in some elements that they thought would look great.

I left the salon with warm brown hair that faded to orange within 2 weeks. OH MY GOD! I was a True Summer (needs Ash with no warm undertones) walking around with orange hair. It looked horrid and took several visits to another hair colourist to correct.

As you can see I have my own hair colouring horror story. Now, it would not be uncommon for an individual to book in with me directly to determine their colouring through a full colour analysis and then, if they wish, take that information to their hair stylist or, of course, work with me if they choose to do so.

Now I will ask you, do you know your skin undertone and colour season (including flow of colour season)? If you told your hair colourist what your best colours are could they translate this into your optimal hair colour? OR, would you possibly have a similar experience to mine?

Before you select or make your next appointment with your hair colourist ask them:

1) Are you trained in colour analysis? AND

2) If I told you my colour season and flow of colour season, could you translate this key information about colours that are best for me into my optimal hair colour(s)?

If you are not happy with their responses to the 2 questions above, it may be time to find a hair colourist who is also a trained colour analysis professional to ensure you are wearing YOUR most optimal hair colour(s).

I hope this article inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey

Image Consultant and Hair Professional