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I Have Nothing To Wear!

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“When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, there’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.”― Caitlin Moran, How to Be a Woman

Nothing To Wear in Closet Picture
How many times, let’s say in the last month, have you gone to your closet to get dressed and thought “I have nothing to wear!”?

The FreeDictionary.com defines image (which includes appearance) as ‘a reproduction of the form of a person or object, the character projected to the public and a vivid description or representation.’

The content of your closet collectively represents who YOU are to the world and should get you excited. If this is not happening, then it’s time to adjust what’s in your closet.

Here are 4 very easy and fun steps to get your closet back on track so you no longer say “I have nothing to wear”!

1. Remove Items Not Suited To Your Colouring
The colours you choose to wear are actually one of the most important elements of your appearance. If you choose to not wear YOUR colours you may end up looking dull, worn, outdated, odd, unbalanced, and even old.

Once you know your colour season and flow of season it will not change, this will be your colour palette for life that will enable you to showcase YOUR best energy to everyone around you. YOUR colour palette is based on YOUR internal composition.

Put items that are in your colour palette in a ‘keep’ pile and everything else in a ‘donate’ or ‘sell’ pile.

This is the third step in my process of working with people on their image and clothing. It comes before we go shopping to see what you have and what we can work with.

If you are doing this on your own, I always suggest this step first as this is a very quick and simple step solely based on clear facts requiring little thought (i.e. is this item in my colour palette or not?).

2. Remove Items Not Suited To Your Style
Review each item in the’ keep’ pile from step #1. For each item ask yourself the following questions:

Does the item maximize your body silhouette so you give off your best energy?
Does the item align with your lifestyle needs (includes quality requirements for activities related to work and play)?
Does the item show off your personality?
Is the item in good condition or is it showing some wear and tear?
Does the item excite you?

If you are happy with your responses to the above questions, then place the item in a step #2 ‘keep’ pile. As you go through each item you may decide that an item will work if you have it altered. You may also choose to create a step #2 ‘alter’ pile.

If you are not happy with your responses to the above questions, then place the item in the ‘donate’ or ‘sell’ piles initially created in step #1.

3. Put Back ‘Keep’ Items In Your Closet
Put the ‘keep’ items from step #2 back into your closet. As you put these items back into your closet, you may want to organize them based on your lifestyle needs.

If you have an ‘alter’ pile from step #2, take those to your tailor.

Take the contents of the ‘donate’ pile to a local charity who accepts clothing donations. Please note: only donate items that are in wearable condition. If something is not wearable, please consider re-using the item for rags or crafts etc.

Take the contents of the ‘sell’ pile to your local consignment shop.

4. Time To Go Shopping!
Once you complete the steps above, you may then have some gaps in your wardrobe. It’s then time to go shopping to fill in those gaps. When you are shopping be sure to only choose items that are suited to your colouring and maximize your style needs (see questions in step #2 above). This will ensure your closet only contains items that YOU love.

I recommend repeating the above steps at least twice per year to ensure your closet still aligns to your style needs, especially as wear and tear to clothing naturally occurs over time.

Now you have it, the 4 key steps to get your closet back on track so you no longer say “I have nothing to wear”! Once you’ve gone through these steps you will find your closet excites you because it will be easier to go through, more organized, and collectively it’s contents show the world who YOU are.

I hope this article inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey

Image Consultant and Hair Professional