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Is Loyalty Keeping You In A Time Warp?

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Makeover - Loyalty to Hair Stylist
Loyalty is one of my family’s greatest values. So it is no surprise that growing up, my family was very loyal to our dentist. Having served our family for two generations, we had a long-standing relationship with him. We were actually so loyal that we would travel quite a distance to visit him.

When you walked into his office it was like walking into a black and white movie – The facilities, equipment and even his dental practices hadn’t been upgraded in decades. Regardless, we were very loyal to him up until his retirement.

When the dentist retired, my family started going to a new dentist. The new dentist’s facilities, equipment and practices were the latest and greatest available and were light years ahead of what we had previously experienced. I remember my father commenting that getting a cavity filled was no longer a painful experience. It is safe to say that the retirement of our old dentist allowed us to enter the modern world of dentistry!

What I came to discover is that there is a high likelihood that we all likely work with someone or a company who may be keeping us in a time warp. Can you think of someone you have remained loyal to even though he/she may be stuck in a ‘time warp’?

Here are some appearance-related examples and questions for you to honestly review when determining if your appearance network may be keeping you stuck in the past.
-Is your hairstylists’ look stuck in a time warp?
-Is the equipment used and his/her skills up-to-date?
-Has he/she kept you with the same hair style for years?
Note: the rule of thumb is that you should be doing something to change the look of your hair every 2-4 years (it would be a slight or major change – whichever aligns with you).

Retail clothing stores you have been loyal to for years:
-Do the sales personnel look like they are stuck in a time warp?
-Does the look and feel of the store and stock include this season’s newest trends / stock that align(s) with your colouring and current style needs?

Clothing, hair product and makeup etc. brands you have been loyal to for years:
-Have they adjusted their contents, quality, look with the times?
(note: some brands don’t need to adjust; it is their timeless nature that is the appeal).

If you determine there is someone in your network who may be keeping you in a time warp, discuss a change with him/her as it relates to you. For example, if you have had the same hair style for years, instead of saying “Cut my hair as per usual”, ask your stylist what he/she would do to modernize your hair or change your look. If you aren’t happy with the suggestion, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion from another hair stylist. You may experience what my family experienced by visiting the new dentist… you may enter the modern world of hairstyling!

If you determine there is a company in your network that may be keeping you in a time warp, try out another store or another brand and compare.

Trying something new is scary sometimes. However, more often than not, it does pay off and you may find that great changes occur as a result!

I hope this article inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey

Image Consultant and Hair Professional