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Who Are You Taking Appearance Advice From?

Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 in Blog, Closet, Personal Power, Shopping | Comments Off on Who Are You Taking Appearance Advice From?

Who should you take appearance advice from?
Recently I was out shopping with a client and witnessed a fairly surprising event in the fitting room that served as the inspiration for this article: A woman was trying on an outfit and asked her friend who was with her (who by-the-way was both intoxicated!!! AND a spitting image of an 80’s flashback!), what he thought of her outfit. Seriously? This woman was seeking fashion advice from somebody who wasn’t sober, nor was he current? OH MY GOD!

If you have been in a similar scenario, or by coincidence that was you asking your intoxicated friend for fashion advice, my question to you to consider now and in the future is: Have you ever asked yourself what sort of knowledge, characteristics and/or experience a person should have before you take her/his advice?

Here is another bizarre example: In one episode of a popular television show in which women go wedding dress shopping along with friends and family who give them advice, a woman sought feedback on her gown choice from an ex-boyfriend, now turned friend. You have got to be kidding!!! As I watched this episode play out it was obvious that the ex-boyfriend’s still unresolved feelings for the soon-to-be-bride were transferred through the advice he gave her.

These comical, somewhat bizarre, yet real examples illustrate how many people rely on advice from friends, family, colleagues, and even sales staff who are likely untrained and possibly even biased when it comes to the best clothes, colours, and styles to wear.

To prevent yourself from regretting clothing purchases based on someone else’s advice, here are 5 key questions to ask yourself when deciding who’s style advice you should actually listen to:

1. Is the person(s) giving you the advice sober? LOL – I thought I would start with this obvious one.

2. Does the person(s) giving you the advice know YOUR colour palette and style – and how YOU should dress to maximize your body type, lifestyle and personality?

3. Does the person(s) giving you the advice excel in dressing in a way that maximizes THEIR colour palette, body type, lifestyle and personality?

4. Does the person(s) giving you the advice know who YOU authentically are both at work and play?

5. What is the person’s relationship to you? Could this impact their advice given? You want honest advice. Sometimes in close friendships or family relationships it is difficult to be honest as you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings OR don’t want to argue. Perhaps there are elements of the relationship (positive or negative) between you and the other person that could be transferred to their advice given.

To optimize your appearance and really attract the kind of attention you deserve and want to have, you want to make sure you choose your clothing confidante wisely! Ideally go with someone who either naturally has high level and superb taste, knows you extremely well, AND sees your best you when she/he looks at you, OR work with an image consultant who is trained in these areas.

Ultimately, your appearance choices are up to you therefore choose your inputs into your appearance decisions wisely to ensure you are giving off your best and most authentic energy.

I hope this article inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey

Image Consultant and Hair Professional