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What Your Hair Stylist Needs to Know ABOUT YOU!

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Your hair is one of the first things people see when they look at you. A communication breakdown with your hair stylist could have a significant negative impact on how people perceive and respond to you.

To ensure that the image you want to project actually aligns with how you want to be received you will want to communicate with your hairstylist before they begin their hair services on you.

To avoid leaving your hair salon crying, make sure your hair stylist knows these essential 6 elements ABOUT YOU!:

1.Your Skin Undertone:

Your skin undertone is the hue that shows through the surface of your skin. Are you cool or warm or neutral? This is a key piece of data to tell your hair stylist when choosing a hair colour as you want to choose a colour that aligns with your undertone.

2.Your Colour Season (including Flow of Season):

Are you a Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn? Do you flow between colour seasons? This information will let your hair stylist know the value and intensity of hair colours that work for you. In addition, this will let your hair stylist know your ideal colours.

****You must be 100% certain of your season first. I have known MANY who were inaccurately told what they were.

3.Your Personality Style:

This is a very important element not to be forgotten. Communicating your personality style to your hair stylist will ensure the look that you end up with is aligned with who you authentically are. Some examples of personality styles include: classic, creative, dramatic, romantic.

4.Your Career:

Communicate your current work position and any position(s) you aim to advance to in the short term. This will allow your hair stylist to give you a look that is suitable for your current position and the one you are targeting to advance to.

5.Your Lifestyle:

This includes the amount of time you spend, can spend, and want to spend on your hair per day. This will also help to determine the cut and style that works for your lifestyle.

Some other example possibilities to consider:
-What outside of work activities do you do?
-Do you like to pull your hair back in a pony tail?

6.Upcoming Important Events:

This includes any upcoming events you will be going to and the look that you are hoping to project at these events.

When it comes to image and perception, your hair is generally noticed first and therefore make sure that both your hair colour and style display the authentic YOU. Having the above information, you can now communicate effectively with your hair stylist to ensure the image you are giving off is aligned with how you want to be perceived.

I hope this article inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey

Image Consultant and Hair Stylist